DSL Bundles: How It Works and How You Can Save

Your friends, family and coworkers are online. Wherever they are, you should be too. DSL Internet providers are experts at offering fast, reliable and affordable Internet service that can get you online in no time.

Whether you choose DSL bundles or standalone service, you’re in the right place to find great DSL service.

Call today to pick one of the many DSL bundles available. Continue to check out this page to learn how easy it is to save, and exactly how DSL works.

How DSL service works

You sit down on the couch with your laptop. You type in a URL, and within seconds your requested web page is on your screen thanks to fast DSL speeds. How does this happen? How does DSL Internet work?

First, when you go type in a specific site to visit, your computer needs to locate your specific request. So, your computer uses DSL speeds to send a signal to your DSL modem via an Ethernet cable.

Think of your modem as an interpreter – it translates the computer signals into a language that your DSL network servers understand.

Next, the signals travel through your phone line to your DSL provider’s local office, called the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer, or DSLAM. There, network servers retrieve the information you’re looking for.

Then, after your DSL provider’s network serves have gathered all the right information, they send it back through the same path it just came from – ultimately showing up on your computer screen.

Sound like a long process? From the time you type in that URL to the time you’re scanning its home page is only a matter of seconds.

How you can save on DSL service

DSL bundles are the answer to all your saving questions.

Bundles are one of the easiest ways to save not just on DSL Internet, but on home phone and TV.

Why does bundling save? It’s the old concept of the more you buy, the more you save. DSL Internet is especially easy to bundle, because DSL service uses a phone line and both have wide coverage areas.

Since you already need a phone line for Internet, it’s easy to add home phone into the mix to create a DSL bundle. Keep in mind that unlike dial-up, DSL Internet doesn’t monopolize your phone line. That means you can get online and use the phone all at the same time.

Other DSL bundles incorporate TV service. Even though a TV service, like a satellite or fiber optic service, doesn’t use the same technology as DSL Internet, you get the convenience of ordering all your home services on the same phone call.

Bundles are just one example of the great DSL deals out there. Enjoy the convenience of getting DSL speeds, reliable home phone and TV all at once. Call today!